Rhys Hastings

The Hastings Method


The Hastings Method is a holistic guide for the contemporary working drummer. Informed by Rhys’ fifteen plus years of experience with a diverse array of artists and students, this method is a conversational approach to the acoustic drum set, designed to achieve and sustain the best possible form, feel, and tone. By focusing on the three core tiers of artistic growth and expression—the practical, conceptual, and spiritual—the Hastings Method builds from the bottom up to develop a competent and confident drummer who's focused first on feel, groove, and overall well-being.

Rhys has encountered methods that encourage bad habits and do not prepare students to grow with sensitivity or good health in mind—too often drummers rely on over-exertion and intensity, overlooking the fact that great drumming is a delicate orchestration of the mind and limbs, and that the body is intricately linked to the kit. Setting oneself up for organic movement across the instrument is tantamount for years of strong, healthy playing.

These principles are currently being compiled into a comprehensive drum method book designed for both beginners and professionals alike. For a personal look at what the Hastings Method aims to achieve, inquire today to set up private lessons with Rhys at his Los Angeles studio or online. Also visit his Instagram page and #rhysloops videos for a peek into his creative process.



"Rhys is hands down the most professional, talented, and passionate drum instructor I've ever worked with. He goes above and beyond to create exciting and engaging lesson plans that are tailored specifically to each student's needs. In just a short period of time studying with him, I have been able to improve my posture, feel, and sense of time on the kit. This has translated directly into playing better shows and better recordings. I highly recommend Rhys to any drummer—beginner or advanced—looking to be inspired and improve their playing." 

-John S, 33

"If you are truly curious about drums, rhythm, and music and want to dive head first into all the instrument has to offer an inquisitive mind, you would be hard-pressed to find a better guide on that journey than Rhys. His love for drumming is palpable and sincere, and he brings that love to every session ready to share as much as you're willing to accept. Rhys is a gifted teacher in so many ways—he can eloquently explain new concepts in a way that translates right to making beautiful noise on the kit (something that will satisfy a student in the moment) and can wax philosophic about the roots of rhythmic traditions and the deeper purpose, personally and historically, of expressing those traditions in song and how to do it (something that will keep you coming back for more learning). All the while, Rhys is a student himself, learning from his own pupils and bettering the experience for you and him both and keeping the student an integral part of the process. I've since moved cities and miss my time spent with Rhys escaping into the world of drums that he is so eager and equipped to show to new visitors.  Be one, be lucky!"

-Kyle G, 30

"I started playing drums in a band with zero drumming experience, so I needed help learning the fundamentals as well as the basic tenets of songwriting. As a grad student, I don’t have a ton of time but Rhys is always able and willing to work with me and my schedule, help me set my own goals, push me just enough, and teach me both rudimentary skills and my favorite songs. He always comes to the studio with a positive attitude and ready to share his huge wealth of knowledge. He loves the drums so much and is very talented—it’s a huge inspiration." 

-Hannah T, 28 

"Taking lessons with Rhys has been a pleasure. He not only taught me how to be a better drummer, but also a comfortable drummer. He is patient when he teaches and can really dig down into the exercise to make sure I ace it. Over the past two years studying with Rhys, I have become more confident playing live shows and going out of my comfort zones."

-Nick M, 21


"As a brand new student of the drums, I have gained so much confidence from taking lessons with Rhys. He has created an environment that feels fun, safe, and like a breath of fresh air. Each time I leave his studio, I feel myself radiating with happiness and satisfaction from what I gained with that day's session. The mixture of drum fundamentals, exercises, and educational insight into my personal music library makes every lesson unique. Rhys has helped me become a more creative and well-rounded person."

-Harison H, 23